Fifteen Reasons Leaders Join Leadership Ohio

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In the last twenty-six years, Leadership Ohio has attracted a diverse body of top talent that are a part of various professions, backgrounds, experiences, and generations. While our alumni share a commitment to making the Great State of Ohio the best place to live and work, the reasons each individual pursues the Leadership Ohio experience are relevant to the individual.

Most of our alumni identify very strongly with particular parts of this list, and found resonance with others. What are your top three reasons for joining us? What’s missing from the list?

 In no particular order:

1. I want to develop or hone my leader’s mindset and focus attention on the growth of critical leadership skills (adaptability, creativity, innovation, communication, empathy, etc.) 

 2. I want to tap into the wellspring of sources of public, private, and social innovation across Ohio.

 3. I want to gain state-wide perspective and experience while contemplating or running for an elected office.

 4. I want to build productive and valuable relationships that can help me move forward in my career across my lifetime.

5. I want to gain statewide perspective and experiences to strengthen my existing board service or potentially expand my opportunities to serve on local or state-wide boards and commissions who might view this distinction favorably. 

6. I want to elevate my performance and impact at my current organization. 

7. I’m a change-maker that’s looking for inspiration and/or my next ‘big idea’ for an existing or perhaps soon-to-be new initiative, business, or nonprofit. 

8. I have a desire to tap into my passion and expertise for community and civic innovation and problem solving that could be leveraged state-wide.

9. I’m looking for opportunities to learn about and grapple with state-wide challenges and solutions that have real impact on Ohioans.

10.  I’m a people person, and relationships are a powerful and nurturing source of energy for me; I enjoy networking and helping others.

11. I want to develop new tools, mind sets, and connections in a way that is high in value, but fits reasonably with my commitments to family, work, and life.

12.  I’m seeking ways to stand out at work and/or in my community; I want to raise my profile, for instance, when given the opportunity to be promoted to increasingly important roles or at new organizations.

13. I want to grow my knowledge and perspective by being present in actual communities with great leaders where real change and impact happens on the ground, not just in books.

14. I want to learn more about the issues we’re facing today that are complex, systemic and can’t be solved in silos—and how our institutions and systems might adapt.

15. I have a calling to public service, our democracy, and to the Great State of Ohio. 

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