Nominations for the Leadership Ohio Class of 2019 are now closed.

Ohio’s capacity for reinvention, driven by talent from every corner of our state, is our greatest strategic advantage. Both our values and our interests demand that we fuel leaders’ inspiration and opportunities to connect with their unique abilities and with each other to address our greatest challenges-- and build new opportunities in their wake. Ohio must develop and inspire its most capable people to increasingly elevated positions of leadership in service that takes many forms.

Towards these ends, Leadership Ohio seeks both experienced leaders and high-potential individuals who believe in the power of public, private, and civic innovation, and have a passion to serve the Great State of Ohio. 

 Will you join us?

Who we best serve

Our leaders represent all regions in Ohio. They are a diverse body of top talent that are a part of various professions, backgrounds, experiences, and generations.

our approach

The Leadership Ohio experience is made up of eight 1 ½ day immersive leadership inquiries. April through November, we transverse the state—engaging leaders in all regions of Ohio. In 2018, our leadership development experiences were held in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Lima, Oberlin, Marietta, and Toledo. We typically meet on the 3rd Friday (full day) and 3rd Saturday (1/2 day) of the month but avoid scheduling near holidays (Easter).

Our regional experiences are in-depth experiential leadership interactions and explorations. We uniquely blend dialogue with influential leaders and exploration of defining leadership and community questions, challenges, and solutions. Our approach produces a class of leaders with sharpened questioning skills, value-added, productive statewide connections, and a state-wide perspective and context for understanding issues, solutions, and community assets. Leadership Ohio graduates are a select body of leaders with a unique state-wide grounding.

How to apply

To become a member of Leadership Ohio, an individual must first be nominated. Once nominated, an individual may be invited to apply. A limited number of applicants are accepted into each class of Leadership Ohio. Entrants are selected by the Board of Trustees and the Executive Director of Leadership Ohio and based on the merit of their application.

Nominations may be submitted by:

  • Leadership Ohio Board of Trustees and Executive Director

  • Leadership Ohio alumni

  • Leadership Ohio sponsors, partners, and supporters

  • Executive Directors of local leadership development programs

  • Senior Executives of Ohio Chamber of Commerce member-organizations

  • Other: See below

If you are not connected to any of the individuals or organizations above, you may seek a nomination directly from the Executive Director of Leadership Ohio by sending a request via email to

Alumni, sponsors, and others qualified to make nominations, please click below to access the 2019 Nomination Form.

Invited nominees, please click below to access the 2019 Online Application.

Application Fee

Please note there is no application fee at this time.


Tuition to participate in the 2020 Class of Leadership Ohio will be announced January 5, 2020.

Financial Assistance/Scholarships

We do not offer financial assistance or scholarships at this time.


Applications for the Class of 2019 are now closed.

2019 Session Dates

Sessions for 2019 will take place on Fridays (full day) and Saturdays (1/2 day) with one exception noted below.

April 26-27 Marysville

May 16-17  (Thursday - Friday) Columbus

June 21-22 Marietta

July 19-20 Cincinnati

August 16-17 Dayton

September 20-21 Lima

October 18-19 TBD

November 15-16 Cleveland


Email to request additional information or schedule a call to learn more about our program.