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tony staubach, ohio state university Extension, class OF 2017

“The value of Leadership Ohio is found in the relationships and the networks fostered. While traveling throughout the Great State of Ohio I found myself immersed in a world of influential and inspirational leaders. Leadership Ohio galvanized my desire to work collaboratively with groups of individuals to seek a common goal. The tours, the lessons, the relationships will stay with me as I continue working toward my own goals and dreams.”


sherry hubbard, American Electric Power, Class OF 2014

“My experience with Leadership Ohio went above and beyond leadership training. Through the travels to cities across the state from Athens to Toledo, I learned volumes about the economic, historical and cultural assets that make up this great State. The program helped me understand not only the many ways Ohioans innovate and lead but also the challenges faced by families with few resources and gave me opportunities to contribute something in each community visited. Leadership Ohio was well worth the time invested.”

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Kamal Atwat, Memorial Health System, Class OF 2014

“The Leadership Ohio program has been an unique leadership experience that went above and beyond a classroom, an organization or a limited geography. We discovered and examined in the field and in action the State of Ohio: Cities, leaders, organizations, economies and all the differentiated aspects that make Ohio a great state to live in, lead and serve. . . . I recommend it to every leader who likes to build a diverse leadership network, share knowledge and make a difference.”